MIGA Baerbone PC


MIGA can offer you the cheapest barebone systems in the world
without loosing the elements of quality/service/delivery/etc.

MIGA Micro ATX Lowcost Baerbone System
Modle MX1
Special Features
CPU Supports Pentium II 233~500MHz and Celeron 266~443MHz CPUs with frequency at 66/75/83/100MHz in Slot 1 for MicroATX Form Factor
MEMORY Provides 3DIMMs for SDRAM memory modules and expandable up to 768MB
VGA CHIPSET High performance 64bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator with 8MB frame butter embedded in North Bridge; suppouts Windows' 98 Multipte Display Features; AGP Rev.2.0 Spec. Compliant
SOUND SYSTEM 3D PCI Sound Pro on board, meets PC'98 Spec., HRTF Positional Audio supports Microsoft's Direct Sound 3D and Aureal's A3D interface,with 4 channel speaker out; Software Wave-table Synthesizer and 24bit Digital Audio Interface(SPDIF) IN/OUT
FAST ETHERNET 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN on board, supports IEEE802.3 and 802.3u standards,and fully compliant ANSI X3.263 TP-PMD physical sub-layer
FAX MODEM 56K Fax/Modem on board, supportsV90 Fax/Moderm standard for your internet communication.
FLASH ROM 2MB Flash ROM on board, provides complete Advance Configuration Power Interface(ACPI) and Legacy PMU; Ultra DMA 33/66; Fully compliant with PC'97 and PC'98 Spec.
ATX POWER Provides ATX power connector supports various functions of ATX Power shas as Suspend, Shutdown, Alarm Wake-Up, Modem Ring On,Wake on LAN, Interrupt Wake-Up from Keyboard/Mouse, and Keyboard Power ON/OFF
VIDEO Built-in Hardware Monitor circuit supports thermal, power and fan speed monitor, supports Intel LANDesk Client Manager(LDCM)(optional)
CONNECTOR Supports PC'99 Color Connector for easy identification of peripheral devices
AUDIO Provides Digital Audio Cable set with AUX IN/OUT and SPDIF IN/OUT interface for your home theater application(optional)
SOFTWARE Bundled AMI Desktop Client Manager for detecting abnormal condition and thermal automatically or managment through the network link
Provides Trend Micro's ChipAwayVirus and PC-Cillin 98(OEM)for Windows 95/98 and internet virus protection