Minimum Size with Maximum Features-The NLX MIGA Booky

Cost saving ? Space saving ? Powerful Machine ? Fast delivery ? One for all PC ? user Friendly ?
We've got them all in one small compact PC served As
Internet PC - Ideal for electronic commercial activities huge business operating cost can be saved thru internet communications
PC Fax - We can bundle internal or external FAX / Modem no need to buy stand alone fax machine
Multimedia PC - Equipped with 3D sound card
Home PC - Ideal for point of sale system due it's small size and cheap cost
POS System - Ideal for point of sale system due it's small size and cheap cost
Conference PC - Big savings for travel and meeting expenses
If needed our Europe distributor will expedite the shipment and do after sales service for you
MIGA High Quality  - Pentium II NLX barebone booksize
  • Compact size for NLX main board-1/4 Desk-top size only.
  • Design for standard NLX form factor.
  • Screw-freedesign structure,snap-and-fit joint.
  • Secured EMI design.
  • Advanced thermal design for Pentium II and AMD k6,Pentium/Pentium II   Upgradeable.
  • User friendly design : front accessible volume control,USB,IR and audio jacks.
  • Opional footstand for desk-tower purpose.The footstand could be a CD rack.
  • High efficiency 135W power supply.5V Stand-by supports "Wake On Lan"function.

MIGA Booky Pentuim II PC System - Booksize
Modle MB1
Special Features
  • Support up to 450MHz Intel MMX Pentium II processors and Celeorn processors up to 366MHz
  • Slot1 CPU scoket with universal retention mechanisum for SEPP/SECC/SECC2
  • High-efficiency switching power module on board
  • System clock 66/100MHz
Chipset Intel 82440BX two chips AGPset
Main Memory Two 168-pin DIMM sockets,up to256 MB SDRAM
On Board 3D AGP VGA Subsystem
  • ATI 3D RAGE-PRO Turbo/RAGE 128VR AGP chipset for mainstream graphic performance
  • Optional ATI ImpactTV-2 chip for NTSC/PAL TV-out and support Wide screenTV
Optional 100Mbps Fast-Ethernet solution
  • Intel 82558 Ethernet chip with intergrated PHY
  • Supports IEEE 802.3/802.3u 10BASE-T and 100BASE-Tx
  • Supports Wake-on LAN(Magic Packet)in APM and ACPI modes for remote off-hour maintenance
  • Supports pre-boot capability of Intel's LANDesk Service Agent to allow remote distribution of both operating system and application software
On-board Audio Chip
  • ESS Solo-1 stereo PCI audio on board
  • True Full Duplex playback and Capture with Different Sampling rate
  • Built-in high quality ESFM music synthesizer
  • Supports DLS (Downloadable Wavetable Sound)wavetable synthesizer w/o restriction of instrument  samples using system RAM
Boot-block Flash BIOS
  • Award System BIOS, support PnP(v1.0a), AMP(v1.2),DMI(v2.0), ACPI & Multi-device booting(i.e. floopy, CD-ROM, IDE/SCIC hard drive,LS120, ZIP ATAPI, etc.)features
  • Built-in Trend ChipAway Virus
Two Ultra DMA-33 IDE controller
  • Support up to PIO mode 4, Multi-word DMA mode2 and Ultra DMA33 timings
  • Complete Bus Mastering software drivers for all well known Multi-task O.S.
On board Ultra I/O chip
  • Two serial (16550A compliance), One printer (SPP/ECP/EPP) and One floppy drive (up to 2.88MB, Japanese 3Mode drive and up to 1Mbps transfer rate)
  • Provide IrDA IR function
Back-Panel I/O Connectors
  • Two D-Sub 9-pin male Serial ports
  • One D-sub 25-pin female Printer port
  • PS/2 Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports
  • Two USB ports
  • One S-Video and one composite connectors for TV-out
  • One shield RJ-45 phone jack with three LED indicators (100, ACT, LINK)
  • Audio Line-out, Line-in jacks
Board Dimension
  • Micro-NLX form factor,205mm x 255mm, 4 layers
Certification Program
  • All hardware designs meet PC98 requirement
  • CE and FCC class-B EMI requlatory Compliance
  • Innovative SeePU Technology (Jumper free CPU installation via BIOS)
  • Provides75/83/103/112/124/133MHz host clock frequency for overclocking
  • First industrial mainboard to combine Trend ChipAway Virus, PC-cillin and BIOS Flash Protect for a 100% virus-free system boot-up in one package
  • Ploy-fuse protection for USB and keyboard circuitry
  • ACPI featurts ready when ACPI-enabled O/S is available
  • Hardware design meets MICROSOFT PC98 requirements
System Physical Dimension H85 x W279.5 x D345mm
Power 85W with 5V and 12V
5V stand-by support remote ON/OFF
Driver Bay 1 x FDD,     1 x HDD,    1 x Notebook CD-ROM Bay
Detachable Bay Housing Screw-free structure