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Company Status

MIGA (previous name GALAXY) started textile business in end 1983. In first quarter 1984, we also developed business into importing magnetic heads. By 1985, our customers include many leading computer co. such as MITAC, TECO, ACER, UNITRON, LUNG HWA, etc.

In 1987, MIGA diversified import business into exporting computer parts to Yugoslavia through Slovenia.

In 1989, we established an office in Hong Kong. By 1990, we organized warehouse in Austria,and started productions in eastern countries to offer better services and technical support.

In 1990, MIGA pioneered in announcing the dual mode 286/386 maim board using Suntac Chipsets. The board was designed and produced under MIGA brand.

In 1992, MIGA added another export line - OEM NOOTBOOK - collaborating with Dell's Taiwan major OEM supplier. Our main export market was Russia. Others are Spain, Germany, etc.

In 1993, Micro Galaxy International Co., Ltd. was established and separated from Galaxy to create better image and specializing in computer related items.

In 1997, MIGA focused on developping multimedia and SOHO OA products such as MIGA Voodoo Banshee Cards ; MIGA CD-R/RW/DVD ; MIGA Booky - all purpose small PC ; MICROATX bare bone Systems ; Multimedia and Super Mini Notebooks ; etc.

From 1999 thru the millennium 2000 until now MIGA concentrates in all kinds of media discs, laser locked CD, VCD, multimedia small PC systems, notebooks, PDA, ETC. We are proud to announce our innovative CD-R series in unique design, quality and under copy protections.

From last year 2007, Miga started corporations with professionals in solar energy fields. Our partner have been cooperating with Asahi Glass, BP Solar, MYCOM, Taiwan Research Institutes and gained a reputation of power quality supplier in Taiwan. Our partner started engaged in PV system and wind turbine generation system business since 1999, and provide the planning, design, equipment supply, site construction, training, education and technical consulting in Taiwan. Our partner formed a strong service team with Asahi Glasss, Taiwan Power Company, BP Solar Pty Ltd, MYCOM, Sonnenschein/Union Power, Jemmytex Co., with this strong team, we assure our qualified services to our customers worldwide. We are also closely related with world top leading vendor here in Taiwan for thin film technology which is catching up the world demand quickly.

Miga also formed a OBU company last year (2009) and again diversified into raw materials and mining business. The potential commodities include coal, bitumen, sugar, soybean, iron ore, copper ore, etc.

From 2009 up to now, MIGA also act as sourcing agent for chemicals, bitumen,sugar, food oils, hence we have been entering into commodities traders field for several years.




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